• Christmas Donation 2021

    For a number of years, Oemeta has supported local, non-profit organisations through its Christmas donation.

    This year, after the flood of the century, Oemeta has decided on a special campaign and supports the flood-stricken region in the Ahr Valley.

    The donation goes to the Dagernova Weinmanufaktur. With the purchase of red wine and Riesling bottles from the SolidAHRitäts campaign, the proceeds go directly to the winegrowers in the region.

    The paradisiacal Ahr Valley became a crisis area on the night of July 14th to 15th. The flood claimed human lives and destroyed numerous homes. The winegrowers in this region, in particular, are facing new challenges, because the flooding destroyed almost all wine stocks and the entire harvest.

    At least 4 euros per bottle sold will be donated to the newly founded association "Ahr - a wine region needs help for rebuilding", which serves as a central donation pot for the entire wine-growing...

  • Don’t forget to use our Cleaner EC

    Alkalescent machine cleaner which are filled with water mixed coolants

  • In Pole Position with a Multifunctional Metalworking Fluid

    Oemeta metal working fluid streamlines the Gehring range and protects health and the environment

  • Oemeta Christmas Donation 2020

    For several years Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH has decided not to send Christmas presents to its customers, instead it supports locally-based non-profit organisations.

  • Successful Re-Certification until 2022

    For the fifth consecutive time Oemeta has achieved the ‘Sicher mit System’ (Systematic Safety) certificate.

  • Christmas Donation 2019

    For several years Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH has decided not to send Christmas presents to its customers, instead it supports locally-based non-profit organizations.

    This year the donation of 2,500€ goes to the  interdisciplinary Trauma Center Wendepunkt e.V. in Elmshorn.

    The  interdisciplinary Trauma Center is home to children and adolescents who have had potentially traumatic experiences - such as experiencing sexual abuse or domestic violence, being seriously neglected, having an accident or being affected by a major loss in their family. They also treat children with a migrant background, some of whom have had terrible experiences in their countries of origin and during their flight. This year alone, the trauma experts at Wendepunkt e.V. have looked after more than 570 cases (counseling and consultations), which means that demand is comparable to that of previous years.

    The Interdisciplinary Trauma Center ensures the early,...

  • Oil-free High Performance

    Machine Tool Manufacturer Yamazaki Mazak trusts on Oemeta Coolants at EMO 2019

  • Oemeta team at Cyclassics

    On 25 August, 10 Oemetaner’s took part in one of the biggest cycling festivals in Europe - the Cyclassics! This Sunday was the 24th time the race took place in Hamburg.
    Around 18,000 participants and 500,000 spectators joined the 60 km, 100 km and 160 km event.

    We are pleased to announce all Oemetaners that joined in had a successful race. 4 Oemetaner’s took part in the 60 km distance, with the best result of 1:31 h, and 6 of the group completed the 100 km distance, with the best time being 2:31 h.

    We congratulate our team, and their successful participation, and look forward to the next race.

    For more information, please look at the following webpage: https://www.cyclassics-hamburg.de/en/


  • EMO 2019: New and improved biocide-free MWF

    Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH is appearing at EMO to present NOVAMET 920, a new and improved version of an already successful product. The high-performing, water-miscible cooling lubricant is produced from innovative modern ingredients and is free of biocides and formaldehyde. As a result, the manufacturer can guarantee excellent contaminant removal and outstanding results when the product is used in demanding machining processes with all kinds of materials. The new MWF meets all legal requirements and boasts high biostability, meaning that it has no impact on health and has a long service life.

  • Award: Oemeta in the TOP 100

    Überlingen – Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH from Uetersen has made it into the TOP 100 in the innovation competition’s 26th edition. The company was honoured for its achievement by the mentor of the competition, Ranga Yogeshwar, the scientific head of the assessment, Professor Nikolaus Franke, and compamedia at Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, on 28 June. Based on a scientific classification system, TOP 100 rates the innovation management of SMEs and the successful innovations that have resulted from this. The company, with 220 employees worldwide, made a big impression in the independent selection process, especially in the category ‘innovative processes and organisation’.

  • Open House // Mazak Technology Center

    Oemeta is taking part at Mazak’s Open House in Göppingen. Save the date from 9th - 12th July 2019 and meet our experts at the Oemeta booth.

  • Impulse Day - Power for your production

    11th April 2019 at Mazak Technology Center in Düsseldorf

  • Oemeta with BOHRMILCH 4.0 at Intec in Leipzig

    The Intec, an international Trade Fair for machine tools, production- and automation technology, took place from 05.-08. February in Leipzig. This year Oemeta was present at two locations. In hall 5 of the Leipzig Trade Fair with our main stand and simultaneous at the opened technology center of the MAZAK company, who offered, besides catering and a VIP shuttle service, a forum for it’s partner exhibitors.

    In addition to new machining oils Oemeta presented a new product in the field of water miscible coolants. According to the motto BOHRMILCH 4.0 we presented the product NOVAMET 1000 S as an allrounder for all processes, all materials and every water. The fully dispersive product with a high oil content provides all virtues of the classic “Bohrmilch” but is based on modern raw materials and therefore adapted to the requirements of todays machining technology. That means high pressures, a wide process window for multitasking use and a...

  • Christmas Donation 2018

    For several years Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH has decided not to send Christmas presents to its customers, instead it supports locally-based non-profit organizations.

    This year the donation of 2.500€ goes to the Foundation Museum Langes Tannen in Uetersen. The museum largely depends on donations because the public funds are not enough to ensure the exhibitions and the preservation of the museum.

    The museum was founded when Werner Lange bequeathed his nearly 250 years old property “Neue Mühle” to the city of Uetersen in 1979, to maintain it and to open it to the public. The museum complex consists of a manor, a mill-café, the museums barn and a beautiful park. The collection of the manor includes furniture, pictures and everyday items from the 18th to the 20th century. Furthermore, one can see photos and documents of the family- and mill history of the family Lange. In the barn the museum presents 4-5 changing exhibitions...

  • Oemeta is member of the Machining Innovations Network (MIN)

    Oemeta is now a member of the Machining Innovations Network (MIN). The association merges the competencies and the know-how of the members and serves as an integrative platform. The aim is to exchange information, establish business contacts, access new markets and work on developing new and innovative products.https://www.machining-network.com

  • School kids decorate Christmas tree at Oemeta

    Every year at the beginning of the Advent time, the school kids of Birkenallee school in Uetersen visit the Oemeta Headquarter to decorate the big Christmas tree in the foyer with selfmade Christmas deorations and ornaments. Santa Claus also came by with some sweet surprises for the children.

  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis 2018

    Abstract: Customer Satisfaction Analysis

  • Oemeta team at Cyclassics

    At this year’s Cyclassics on 19th of August in Hamburg, 14 Oemetaner’s took part in the race. With nearly 18,000 participants and 650,000 spectators the Cyclassics is the biggest cycling race in Europe and this sunday it was the 23rd time the race took place in Hamburg. On three different distances (60 km, 100 km, 160 km) everybody can show their skills.

    All Oemeta cyclists came safe and successful across the finish line and could present, amongst very good results, new jerseys. 7 Oemetaner’s started at the 60 km distance, with the best result of 1:28 h and 7 even at the 100 km distance with the best result of 2:56 h.

    We are happy with our team about this successful day and awaiting the next race with excitement.


  • Risk analysis of microbiology in coolants

    Biocide free vs. biocide-containing coolants

  • AMB: New products for special materials

    Oemeta has developed water-miscible metalworking fluids for special materials

  • Oemeta and Mazak are Preferred Partners for cooling lubricants and machines

    Oemeta and Mazak Germany announce their technology partnership in the fields of cooling lubricants and machine tools

  • Partnermeeting 2018

    From May 15.-17. Oemeta organized its Partnermeeting. International partners from different companies and industries came to visit. The partners came from 13 different countries and regfions for example from Scandinavia, Asia, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

    The employees and the partners gave interesting lectures. Some of the topics were Product Innovations, Aerospace, Minimum Quantity Lubrication, International Marketing, The Analytical Laboratory and the Production of Oemeta.

    Besides the meeting, Oemeta also organized an evening event: The guests were invited for a sailing trip through the Hamburg Harbour and the Elbe. The theme was: “Cool Cruise”!

    Overall, the Partnermeeting was a great success and Oemeta got a very positive feedback from the partners.

  • Third production site of Oemeta

    On 4 May 2018 the third production site of Oemeta was inaugurated in Salt Lake City/ Utah. The second production site in China already opened in 2015 and this year the production will also start in the USA. Therefore, Oemeta is better prepared to satisfy the requirements of the market. Arrangements were made since 2016 and after 8 months of building, everything is completed now.

    The third production site is a milestone in the history of Oemeta and another sign for the steady growth and the internationality of the company.

  • Oemeta takes its grinding expertise to GrindTec

    Oemeta presents at GrindTec as a grinding expert – with a long history

    (Augsburg) Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH will put its comprehensive grinding expertise on display at GrindTec. The manufacturer of coolants and lubricants is presenting products – specially tailored to grinding processes – which exhibit optimized flushing and wetting behaviour, minimise grinding burn, provide higher dynamism as well as remove micro debris. In addition, Oemeta will draw on its history to dispel a common preconception.

    At this year’s exhibition, the manufacturer of high-performance cutting and grinding oils as well as high-efficiency cooling lubricants will once again present innovative products for the grinding process that produce little foam or vapour. Among them are GTL oils, the oil-free concentrates FRIGOMET BF 600 and FRIGOMET DP 455 V, as well as NOVAMET 900 B, an emulsion used in grinding processes.

    OEMETA at GrindTec:...

  • Oemeta Christmas Donation 2017

    For several years Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH has decided not to send Christmas presents to its customers, instead it supports locally-based non-profit organisations.

    This year the donation of 2500 € goes to the Freiwilligen Forum Uetersen. The support of the refugees, who come to Uetersen and stay, is one important task.

    Nearly 30 members of the Freiwilligen Forum Uetersen work at two schools to support foreign students with the so called DAZ Programm (which means German as a second language). For helping effectively in this area, it is recommended and appropriate to do excursions with the students from time to time. Furthermore, the volunteer workers help teaching German and support the children to visit the regular classes.

    Oemeta already donated to the Freiwilligen Forum Uetersen in 2014. You will find more information about the project here:


  • Re-Certification ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

    Oemeta’s quality management and environmental management has been certified through DEKRA again this year, with the latest certificate.

    The quality management norm ISO 9001:2015 is the most important quality management (QM) norm nationally and internationally and builds the base for the continuous process of improvement of the internal quality management system (QMS). Important factors are the fulfilment of the customer demands, as well as a high product and service quality.

    With the environmental norm ISO 14001:2015 Oemeta admits to the principal of sustainability and to environmentally friendly business activity. The environmental management with ISO 14001:2015 includes the efficient use of energy and raw materials, the minimization of disposal and risk prevention.

    Both certificates are valid until 07/27/2020.

  • An anniversary celebration and a premiere at EMO

    Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH is presenting at EMO for the first time, where the metalworking fluid manufacturer will be showcasing its latest product, ADDITIV CX. As part of the HYCUT two-component metalworking fluid, the new additive contributes to a state-of-the-art high-performance emulsion suitable for all types of metalworking operations. The biocide-free additive stabilises the pH-value and offers outstanding corrosion protection. This development puts HYCUT at the cutting edge of metalworking fluids. HYCUT – trusted by the automotive industry and beyond for nearly 25 years!

  • Summer time is cleaning time

    The cooling lubricant manufacturer Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH offers cleaning services for machines and cooling lubricant systems. The professional approach to cleaning invariably extends the service lives of tools and cooling lubricants. The service is in particular demand during the summer, when interruptions to operation may already be planned, and also to relieve employees of this necessary yet unpopular procedure. On top of this, Oemeta also offers a fluid management service developed in-house and tailored to the customer’s requirements.

  • Successful Re-Certification

    For the fourth consecutive time Oemeta has achieved the ‘Sicher mit System’ (Systematic Safety) certificate.

    In 2007 Oemeta was the first chemical company in Schleswig-Holstein to achieve the ‘Sicher mit System’ (Systematic Safety) certificate, from BG Rohstoffe und Chemische Industrie (Chemical Employer's Liability Insurance Association). Oemeta and its occupational safety management has now been successfully re-certified.

    For the ‘Sicher mit System’ quality award, companies voluntarily subject their Health & Safety systems to be examined and evaluated by a neutral body.

    Companies are then able to optimise all aspects of their work safety, substantially reducing the risk of accidents and operational malfunctions.  

  • Oemeta showcases modern cooling lubricants at Intec

    At Intec in Leipzig, Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH is showcasing cooling lubricants that meet the most state-of-the-art requirements while also taking occupational safety into account. Along with ultramodern gas-to-liquid oils (GTL), the manufacturer is set to present many water-miscible universal products that are free of formaldehydes and other biocides. With these proprietary developments, Oemeta is reacting to numerous guidelines that govern occupational safety. Visitors to the company’s stand will experience first-hand how Oemeta’s innovative products can also increase production efficiency.

  • Oemeta Christmas Donation 2016

    For several years Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH has decided not to send Christmas presents to its customers, instead it supports locally-based non-profit organisations.

    This year the donation goes to the Uetersener Tafel e.V. Their mission is to reduce the contrast between food surplus and neediness.

    Donated food will be given to the most vulnerable. Supermarkets, bakeries, weekly markets, restaurants and others support with donations of food. Volunteers from Uetersener Tafel make sure the donations get to where they are needed most.

    You will find more information about the Uetersener Tafel e.V.  here: www.uetersener-tafel.de.

  • Oemeta’s HYCUT offers good ecobalance

    Oemeta presents a study on the environmental impact of cooling lubricants in metalworking

  • Review Coolant Workshop 2016

    Please read more about our coolant workshop on our German website.

  • Oemeta presents numerous innovations at the AMB

    Oemeta with trend product GTL oil on the right track with users and manufacturers

  • A 100 years’ tailwind to the finish

    On 21 August, 13 Oemetaner’s took part in the Cyclassics around Hamburg.  In its 21st year around 20000 participants joined the 60 km, 100 km and 160 km event.

    We are pleased to announce all Oemetaners that joined in all had a successful race. We are also delighted to announce that Mascha Kühl was our first female Oemetaner to take part in the event.

    Our subsidiaries, Oemeta USA and Canada, were represented by Hinrich Voss (CEO, Oemeta North America Inc.), and Matt Dallons (National Sales Manager, Oemeta Inc.).

    For more information, please look at the following webpage: http://velothon.ironman.com/events/hamburg-cyclassics

  • 100 Years of Oemeta – A Special Anniversary

    On Saturday, 2 July 2016, Oemeta opened its doors. Customers, suppliers, neighbours, employees, their friends and families were all welcomed.

  • 赫美斯中国“管棒材研磨”客户日在上海顺利举行并取得巨大成功




    嘉宾们对赫美斯堆积系列产品RB 590 Y, RB 595 Y 和 RB 598 Y投以极大兴趣,赫美斯软木产品所取得的表面效果同样令人印象深刻,并受到积极好评。



  • “contacts” 2016 – a review

    On 19th May Oemeta attends the career networking fair »contacts« in Kiel. With 5000 visitors the exhibition was very successful.

    The Oemeta team was very busy giving information to many visitors and presents Oemeta as longstanding employer in medium-sized business. Even the president Professor Dr. Lutz Kipp from the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel (CAU) visited our booth! 

    For more information please visit our German website.

  • Oemeta attends the local career fair in Kiel

    On 19th May 2016 Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH attends the career networking fair »contacts« in Kiel.

    The trade show takes place on the campus of the University Kiel. You will find Oemeta at booth Z26. We are looking forward to your visit!

    For more information please see the German webpage.

  • Oemeta shows GTL grinding oil at the GrindTec

    Oemeta shows trends at the GrindTec with mineral oil-free cooling lubricants and GTL grinding oils

  • Oemeta shows trends at the METAV

    Oemeta presents latest universal cooling lubricant and mineral oil-free GTL products

  • Update DGUV Information 029

    Please find here the updated publication of the DGUV-Information 029 "Formaldehyde and -donors".

  • Update DGUV Information 213-034

    Please find information about the updated publication of GHS (Globally Harmonised System) on our German website.

  • CLP Regulation will become obligatory 1st June 2015

    Changes in the labelling and effects to the user of coolants

  • Effective 1st June 2015: Reclassification of mineral oils in the EU

    Oemeta informs: For all users of cutting and grinding oils, the 1st June 2015 is a key date. From that date, full implementation of the guidelines for the labelling of mixtures containing mineral oil will become obligatory.