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Oemeta’s service and quality products chosen by Turner Tools

Oemeta’s supply partners in the South East, Turner Tools recorded another growth year in 2017 with turnover exceeding £3M for the first time in their history. Oemeta have partnered Turner Tools since 2011 taking a joint approach to customer satisfaction and retention, ensuring new products and services are correctly aligned with customer requirements, putting the customer first and ensuring they are getting the most out of their coolant provider.

Sales Director Jason Pither for Turner Tools added “we always select Oemeta Coolants because their products have outstanding quality and they are a highly professional company to deal with. Oemeta will never try and sell you a product for your application without a technical visit to the customer, their technicians look at all the variables including machine, application, coolant pressure and water quality before they entertain recommending any one of their large range of products”.