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OUK Equipment Brochure Re-launch

Oemeta UK is celebrating the launch of its updated Equipment Brochure. After the success of its predecessor, and with products ever changing, a new version of the brochure is available, both digitally and in print.

Updates include new mixing devices to ensure a consistent solution, the inclusion of Anti-Misting guidance, and more detail on the reporting tools available.

In conjunction with its release, there is a special promotion of one of the items featured in the brochure, which is highly relevant with increased H&S focus: The Oemeta Mix Backflow Preventer (BF1).

Backflow Preventers (also known as break-tanks) such as the Oemeta Mix BF1, provide the ideal protection for drinking water sources, in line with UK Water Regulations. If incorrectly installed, or if there is a loss of pressure in the system, coolant can enter the mains water supply, causing environmental and mains-water hazards. The BF1’s compact and functional design means that it can be easily fitted to mixer water supplies, giving you peace-of-mind that contamination, and any subsequent fines, will not occur.


•    A centrifugal pump ensures a constant water pressure for consistent mixing 
•    Protection in line with Category 5 UK Water Regulations
•    Compact, portable design
•    Components are housed in a sturdy, stainless-steel casing

All for only £1800!
(price guaranteed during 2019)

Download Oemeta UK Equipment Brochure

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