Christmas Donation 2019

For several years Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH has decided not to send Christmas presents to its customers, instead it supports locally-based non-profit organizations.

This year the donation of 2,500€ goes to the  interdisciplinary Trauma Center Wendepunkt e.V. in Elmshorn.

The  interdisciplinary Trauma Center is home to children and adolescents who have had potentially traumatic experiences - such as experiencing sexual abuse or domestic violence, being seriously neglected, having an accident or being affected by a major loss in their family. They also treat children with a migrant background, some of whom have had terrible experiences in their countries of origin and during their flight. This year alone, the trauma experts at Wendepunkt e.V. have looked after more than 570 cases (counseling and consultations), which means that demand is comparable to that of previous years.

The Interdisciplinary Trauma Center ensures the early, effective and resource-efficient care of mentally traumatized children, adolescents and young adults in the district of Pinneberg. The offers are innovative, fast and unbureaucratic. They help to stabilize the affected children and adolescents, thus avoiding possible chronification.
You will find more information about the project here:



left to right: Dirk Jacobsen, Wendepunkt, Stefan Joksch Oemeta, Oliver Leser, Oemeta, Sascha Niemann, Wendepunkt