Don’t forget to use our Cleaner EC

Alkalescent machine cleaner which are filled with water mixed coolants

CLEANER EC has been especially designed to simplify the daily cleaning of machine tools that run on coolant emulsions or oil free coolants.

Besides the superior cleaning effect the product is 100%compatible with any coolant from Oemeta. Thus any negative impact of the cleaner to the fluid (splitting, foaming, odour, etc.) is eliminated. Additionally, CLEANER EC is equipped with a highly efficient corrosion protection package that ensures temporary protection for cleaned and degreased parts. The product is particularly suitable for daily cleaning inbetween maintenance intervals.  

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Easy handling
  • Good corrosion protection due to special inhibitors
  • Compatible with emulsions and solutions, therefore no negative influence on the coolant
  • Low foaming characteristics
  • Free of phosphate and bio-degradable


The product is available in 1000 ml bottles with pump spray nozzle for manual application. Other package sizes are available on request.

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