EMO 2019: New and improved biocide-free MWF

Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH is appearing at EMO to present NOVAMET 920, a new and improved version of an already successful product. The high-performing, water-miscible cooling lubricant is produced from innovative modern ingredients and is free of biocides and formaldehyde. As a result, the manufacturer can guarantee excellent contaminant removal and outstanding results when the product is used in demanding machining processes with all kinds of materials. The new MWF meets all legal requirements and boasts high biostability, meaning that it has no impact on health and has a long service life.

“We’ve optimised an already successful boron-free and biocide-free product using cutting-edge ingredients,” says Malte Krone, Head of Marketing & Product Management at Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH. The relaunched NOVAMET 920 is a high-performance water-miscible cooling lubricant which, like its predecessor, does not contain boron or formaldehyde. At a time when awareness of health and environmental issues is growing and laws are becoming ever stricter, the new formula is a forward-looking development. The product is extremely robust despite being biocide-free and can be used in demanding machining processes to produce outstanding results over a long service life.

Optimised runoff lowers consumption

The use of new, powerful surfactants ensures greater surface cleanliness to reduce biofilm build-up. The relaunched NOVAMET 920 is suitable for use with demanding aluminium alloys, tough steels, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, and boasts excellent contaminant removal properties. This leaves machines and components noticeably cleaner, since the emulsion is less able to adhere to components and swarf. This outstanding runoff behaviour reduces consumption to a minimum as less lubricant is discharged. At the same time, the product’s impressive wettability improves lubricating and cooling performance during machining processes. The difference is visible in particular when roughing at high feed rates or when broaching.
The product is especially well suited to machining processes for sensitive materials and stands out for its high performance in a wide range of different applications, as well as for the low consumption required. The special properties of the new NOVAMET 920 mean that users can achieve high surface quality in machining processes. This has been proven to hold true even for workpieces with complex geometries. The product also offers high stability, a long service life and excellent residue behaviour in turning, boring, milling and grinding processes.

Safe for humans with no labelling requirement

Not only does the new NOVAMET 920 meet all technical standards and other process-related requirements, it also improves occupational health in the long term, as it is extremely safe for humans to use. This has been proven in dermatological testing. The new NOVAMET 920 is not subject to the labelling requirement under the European CLP Regulation (GHS).

Oemeta at EMO: Hall 6, Stand K67.