In Pole Position with a Multifunctional Metalworking Fluid

Oemeta metal working fluid streamlines the Gehring range and protects health and the environment

With its Gehring and copperING brands, the Gehring Group offers innovative production solutions for highly efficient conventional and electric power trains in the automotive industry. The company is supported locally by Oemeta’s distributor Helftaer Mineralölhandel GmbH (HMH).

Gehring processes steel, stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron for the production of high-precision components; its primary forms of machining are turning, milling, drilling and grinding. The company has been using Oemeta HYCUT ET 46 metal working fluid (MWF) since 2014.

There were a few challenges regarding the MWF at Gehring. The primary issue was the very hard water in Naumburg, with a hardness of 35 °d and a chloride content of 60 mg/l. Beyond that, many MWF mixing stations did not offer much space. This was compounded by issues of tramp oil and foam development with the previous product. But, above all, the sheer variety of different MWFs needed to be reduced.

Clear aims were defined in no time: to streamline the range of MWF and update the production technology. Good surface quality, in particular, is very important to Gehring. The company was also looking to reduce impact on the environment and fulfil stringent health requirements. Routine measurements, exceptional local service and fast response times should be the norm. Gehring also wanted to eliminate the rigid cycles of refilling individual machine containers every nine months and thus reduce disposal costs.

This multifunctional two-component MWF on the basis of synthetic ester oils can be used as machining oil, MWF or hydraulic medium. As an emulsion, it allows you to control additives and oil separately. As a cutting and grinding oil, this product boasts outstanding lubricating properties and thus minimises tool wear. HYCUT ET 46 also ensures high aging stability, a long service life and exceptional contaminant removal for clean machinery and components. Particularly when it comes to grinding, it offers outstanding swarf removal thanks to its high cleaning performance.

The results could be felt immediately: the air in the hall is now better and the employees are happier. Due to its drop size, the ester oil-based HYCUT forms less aerosol. The complexity resulting from many oils is now a thing of the past, all the machining processes create better surfaces, the swarf removal is higher, and the tools have a longer service life. But most importantly, the service life of the MWF is longer. Thanks to routine measurements and logging of important data, the MWF is only refilled as required by the situation. Refilling now occurs around every two and a half years, rather than every nine months, which is better for the environment and reduces disposal costs. Gehring employees have also been trained to carry out upkeep and control entirely on their own. A QR code-supported software will also further simplify work in the near future.

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