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Customer Satisfaction Analysis 2018

Abstract: Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Overall Satisfaction

  • •    Good to very good specialist advice
  • •    Very good sales representative work
  • •    Friendly and competent appearance
  • •    Fast troubleshooting
  • •    Good availability

Overall, the customer survey can be seen as an success. 125 out of 460 invited persons participated in the anonymous survey. The survey’s response rate was high with 27%. The analysis of empiric data showed that the clients are generally very happy with the products and the performance of Oemeta. Both, the overall attitude towards the company as well as the valuation of the single departments contained almost only positive comments. The very positive evaluation and the very good individual feedback of the description field question showed the positive attitude of the clients towards the company. For many clients there is a positive disconfirmation so that their expectations of the product and the service are not only fulfilled but also surpassed. The very good NPS of 68,6 also reflects this outcome.


This field was evaluated by the participants as very satisfactory. Especially the highly positive evaluation of the technical service and the customer service must be emphasized because it is the best result in all Likert scales. A special feature are the individual offers, which are appreciated by the clients. It is also to mention that only a quarter of the respondents made use of a reclaim and they were satisfied with the handling. Also positive evaluated was the delivery of the order. The greatest amount of the orders reach the customer in due time and punctual and also the small amount of incomplete orders is a sign for very good work in this department. The orders, which are not delivered on time, can depend on different factors and are also low.


The products of Oemeta were evaluated as satisfactory in the general section of this part of the survey. Overall, it is to mention that the product attributes, which are categorized as most important are also, the best rated.

Analytical Laboratory and Application Technology

Also in this part, the evaluation of the respondents was very satisfactory. The positive evaluation as well as the consistently positive comments in the text boxes show that there is a very high technical competence in this part. 

Communication channels

The survey shows that most customers appreciate the contact via internet and the personal contact. It is also confirmed by the continuous positive evaluation of the sales representatives, because they are constantly available and address the problems of the customers personally. The customers who visited a trade-show booth were satisfied with it, which is shown by a positive evaluation and overall positive comments in the text box.